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Enforcement of a Court Decision in Greece

Enforcement of a Court Decision in Greece

The enforcement of a court decision in Greece takes place according to the applicable means of enforcement, as described by law. In some cases, domestic judgments can be applied in specialized manners, according to the particularities of the creditor. The Civil Procedure Code, along with the Code of Collecting Public Revenue and other special laws are important legal resources in these cases.

Below, our team of agents specialized in debt collection in Greece answer a number of important questions about the procedure. When needed, our team can provide specialized aid in all cases that involve debt collection.

What are the main conditions for enforcement?

The general conditions for enforcement in Greece include the executory title, the enforced claim as well as the parties to the enforcement. Executory titles include domestic judgments, settlements ratified by Greek courts, arbitral rewards, enforceable foreign titles, other acts or orders that can be enforced by statute.

One of our debt collection lawyers in Greece can help foreign entrepreneurs with more details regarding the enforcement of foreign judgments in the country. 

When is a domestic judgment enforceable?

The following issues are to be taken into consideration when discussing the enforceability of a judgment:

  • it is final: the judgment is no longer subject to appeal and it is a final, formal one.
  • the claimant is to engage in action: for example, when the judgment issued to the claimant is that of coercive relief.
  • special provisional judgments: a non-final judgment can be declared a provisional one through an explicit court order.
  • the claim: this should not be dependent on a suspensive term or condition and should be defined in quality and quantity. 
  • the parties: the claimant, his heirs, and successors are entitled to enforcement of judgment as per the applicable laws.

One of our Greek lawyers who specialize in debt collection can give you more details about the situations in which.

Debt collection in Greece takes place as per the two main stages: the initial proceedings and the main proceedings, which differ from one case to the other according to the nature of the claim.

During the initial proceedings, our team of specialized lawyers can assist the creditor when obtaining the enforceable judgment from the competent authorities. This judgment is later served to the debtor along with a formal notice for voluntary execution. 

When enforcing a court decision in Greece, there are several types of assets that can be attached, including movable property, movable property in possession of a third party, immovable property and others.

Our team of specialists in debt collection in Greece can help creditors make their claim and follow up on the enforcement of a court decision. Contact us for complete details regarding our services.